Why choose us

What people say about working with David:

“Realistic, high impact leadership development supported by development for the whole team meant we crossed the start line each year aligned on all aspects of what we were about to do – and then delivered…”

Co-Head of Asia Securities, Goldman Sachs

“The five members of my Team have just got back from the above and are full of positive feedback for the course and praise for the presenter.  For them to collectively say that he held their attention for the whole day;  ie. no after lunch attention deficiency!  It sounds like you should definitely run this one again.”

BP Team Manager

“The Normandy Leadership Experience has been the best programme I have done in the last 15 years at Goldman Sachs.”

CEO Goldman Sachs India

“David’s success is based on his ability to position his extensive leadership experience in a manner that enables the client to draw direct parallels to their own business, professional and personal challenges.”

Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

“He is an exemplary leader in every respect. With a reputation and track record that spans across the industry, and from my own experience, it is a privilege to commend David Hopley.”

Vice Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Asia

“David was in Hong Kong as a speaker for the inaugural Help for Heroes charity event and kindly volunteered to give a short lecture in our offices on Core Principles of Leadership.  There was a great deal of positive feedback after the lecture and the feedback from the Charity Event has been truly staggering.”

Nomura International Hong Kong Ltd

“Absolutely first class delivery, again. I can’t thank you enough. You are truly inspirational.”

City based global insurance firm

Leadership participants

“David Hopley Associates were fantastic, and exceeded all expectations. These guys are hugely engaging.  Their style of delivery draws upon their own experiences which are vast and varied – the programme they developed for us was a tailored and very personal programme.  They got to know our senior management really well, understood our culture and values and what makes us tick as an organisation, and built a stunning programme around this.”

“You blew me away with the programme you delivered last week. It exceeded all expectations – which were already pretty high! I can’t thank you enough for your time, energy and enthusiasm in delivering a programme perfectly pitched for our organisation.  You made the programme so personal, drawing on and sharing your vast and varied experiences.  I have been humbled by the pastoral care each of you gave to every single participant on the programme, and I have learnt a huge amount from working with you, talking to you and observing you in action throughout last week.”

On the Future Leaders Programme

“The Future Leaders Programme helped me gain self-belief- it supported me to have a career-changing ‘courageous’ conversation. I nowsee myself as a leader – everyday and in every interaction.”

“Future Leaders Programme helped me find my leadership. We’ve done more change in the last year than we have in the last 14 years.  People look to me to lead and I’ve done that.  I’ve led with possibilities firmly in mind – I’ve had the courage to make the tough decisions.”

On the Hillsong Leadership Programme

“Your knowledge is so valued and you completely changed my outlook on not only leadership of others  but also my own commitment to myself and my pursuit of life. Being only 20, I’m probably the youngest man on this course this year. This knowledge is so valued to me.

“Your words touched my heart so profoundly that I was probably one of the only ones at the back crying silently. I was moved by your humbleness, your kindness and the stories about Loyalty.”

“I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for sharing your experiences, and imparting your knowledge and wisdom upon us. What an amazingly fantastic start to the leadership course! For me, it was really empowering, I left even more excited and energised, and filled with much hope for an exciting future ahead.”

“We appreciate everything you do for us so much! One girl has already written up her value proposition and sent it to me and your session has made her think about the image she wants her dance company and work with disabled children to portray.”

“Thank you for your interesting and honest delivery at our first workshop. I’m really passionate about inspiring people to be their best and creating environments where people and business flourish  –  so inspiring leaders and “brand YOU”  as you might have guessed is something that really resonates with me.”

Motivational speaking and events

“On behalf of the team at Econique, I would like to thank you for taking the time to join us and delivering an excellent presentation and round table discussion. Looking at the delegate evaluation forms you are our top rated speaker which reaffirms the feedback I received on site. There was a definite WOW factor.”

“Your talk at the Associated British Foods Graduate Event was fantastic and pitched at just the right level for the group.  It has stimulated a great deal of thought.  Even old souls like me need to be reminded every now and then to have a good long look in the mirror!”

LGBT – City-wide sponsored Diversity Event (Delivered with David’s son Alan)

“David, you and Allan moved many of my colleagues – including me – during your presentation.  I lack the words to describe the feelings that I felt before, during and after your presentation. My heart was pounding as I tried to imagine what you and your son were feeling before you spoke. During the session, the room was so silent it felt as if we were holding our breaths so as not to miss a single word. At the conclusion, I felt I joy given the honesty of your father-son relationship.  I have carried these feelings since your presentation.”


“I took the advice you gave me and remembered what we discussed. It worked like a miracle. I notice that a genuine sense of confidence is growing in me.  It really helped me.”